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Failure is Instructive

Ben Newhouse is the dean of students at Birmingham-Southern College. You can find him on Twitter at @BenJNewhouse.   “Failure is instructive. The person who really thinks learns quite as much from his failures as from his successes.” – John Dewey My first year as a professional within higher education was a humbling one, or as… Read More

Questioning the Fit

Jillian Pyatte is the assistant director of community outreach at University of Kentucky. You can find her on Twitter at @JPyatte.   In grad school, I was told constantly that I needed to find “the right fit” in my first job. And while we talked about what that entails (institutional culture & size, type, surrounding… Read More

Not If, But When

The #SAFirstJobs series continues this week with Clare Cady. Clare is the founder of the College and University Food Bank Alliance and a senior program officer at Single Stop. You can find her on Twitter at @ClareCady. My first week as a Residence Coordinator in vignettes.   Day one: there are naked students in the… Read More

Fishes, Ponds, and the Transference of Both

The #SAFirstJobs series continues with Lindsay Marx’s experience in her first role. Lindsay is the assistant director of residential communities at Kent State University. You can find Lindsay on Twitter at @MarxLindsay.   I was an overachiever in undergrad. I held a ton of positions in residence life and was awarded several accolades within the… Read More

Persona Non Grata

Our final week of #SAFirstJobs kicks off with Jessica Pettitt. Jessica works as a consultant and speaker after taking the hint and starting her own business, This is evidence that karma is real. Jessica now supervises herself.   In graduate school, I first heard that being “blacklisted” was a thing in Higher Education. It… Read More

Listening to the Inner Voice

The #SAFirstJobs series continues today with Kelley McCarthy. Kelley just wrapped up her time as a hall director at St. Mary’s College in Indiana. You can find Kelleey on Twitter at @KMcCarthy8185.   Three years ago I started my first professional job search. I wasn’t like most of my graduate friends who applied to almost… Read More

It was the Journey

Sarah Wilson Merriman joins in the #SAFirstJobs conversation today. Sarah is the associate director for administration of college housing at the University of Chicago. You can find her on Twitter at @SarahW_M. To humble brag I consider myself a successful person. I have a healthy relationship with a good partner, a job that I love,… Read More

How the Profession Would Change Me

The third week of #SAFirstJobs kicks off with Lynne Meyer, the director of spiritual life at Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. You can connect with Lynne on Twitter at @Lynne_M_Meyer. I confess: Working in Student Affairs was never my goal. During all of grad school and my early work years, my ambition was to… Read More