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#NASPA15: The Story Behind the Posts

I’m not at NASPA or anywhere near New Orleans. I don’t have YikYak downloaded on any of my devices. This week is annually one of my busiest at work as we prepare for room selection. Last night, in the confines of my office, I watched as a conversation unfolded on Twitter about the posts on… Read More

A Note About Thank You Notes


Earlier this evening, I tweeted: Whether you opt for stationery or emails, write your thank you notes with sincerity and cite specifics from your interview. #theope2015 — Stacy OliverSikorski (@StacyLOliver) February 15, 2015 It launched a conversation about whether thank you notes are a necessity at placement exchanges or if they should factor into employment… Read More

Letting Go of Normative Expectations


A recent article published in the Detroit Free Press highlights a new notion of parents taking their students to college — and then staying there with them, buying a house or renting an apartment in the town where their student attends classes. As the article has circulated via social media, with student affairs professionals adding… Read More

Tuesday was a Bad Day

Tuesday was a bad day. It wasn’t bad in a typical sense. There were no coffee stains on my shirt, I didn’t forget my lunch, and I left work at a reasonable hour. It was one of the days that lurk around corners in student affairs, ambushing us and unexpectedly reminding us that that the… Read More

The Best Part of My Semester

Every semester, I’m tasked with sending residence hall closing information to students via email. I time it for the day before the last day of classes, just before the students slip into the twilight zone of endless studying, too much caffeine, and 24/7 pajama wearing. It’s information they also get at community meetings; I like… Read More

Confusing a Platform With Power

I am Jewish. I am an alumna of Ohio University. And I work with college students. It seems important to be up front about those facts because they are the foundation of my conflict regarding the current events at my beloved alma mater. As a Jewish alumna, my heart aches watching this situation unfold at… Read More

Mindset List: Think Before You Share

Beloit College released its annual Mindset List today, a list of whimsical historical and pop culture facts intended to help “inform [our] work with [our] students.” The list is released annually in August as new students enter the Ivory Tower. Seems harmless, right? But the Beloit Mindset List is a list of sweeping generalizations. It… Read More