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When Lunch Ends

New student move-in falls on a Friday annually, and that’s the end of my department’s formal obligation to orientation. Every year, though, I find myself on campus on Saturday just before lunch. Lunch is the final hour for families and students to spend together. The parent portion of orientation ends at the conclusion of lunch, as… Read More

Failure is Instructive

Ben Newhouse is the dean of students at Birmingham-Southern College. You can find him on Twitter at @BenJNewhouse.   “Failure is instructive. The person who really thinks learns quite as much from his failures as from his successes.” – John Dewey My first year as a professional within higher education was a humbling one, or as… Read More

Questioning the Fit

Jillian Pyatte is the assistant director of community outreach at University of Kentucky. You can find her on Twitter at @JPyatte.   In grad school, I was told constantly that I needed to find “the right fit” in my first job. And while we talked about what that entails (institutional culture & size, type, surrounding… Read More

Not If, But When

The #SAFirstJobs series continues this week with Clare Cady. Clare is the founder of the College and University Food Bank Alliance and a senior program officer at Single Stop. You can find her on Twitter at @ClareCady. My first week as a Residence Coordinator in vignettes.   Day one: there are naked students in the… Read More

Fishes, Ponds, and the Transference of Both

The #SAFirstJobs series continues with Lindsay Marx’s experience in her first role. Lindsay is the assistant director of residential communities at Kent State University. You can find Lindsay on Twitter at @MarxLindsay.   I was an overachiever in undergrad. I held a ton of positions in residence life and was awarded several accolades within the… Read More

Persona Non Grata

Our final week of #SAFirstJobs kicks off with Jessica Pettitt. Jessica works as a consultant and speaker after taking the hint and starting her own business, This is evidence that karma is real. Jessica now supervises herself.   In graduate school, I first heard that being “blacklisted” was a thing in Higher Education. It… Read More

Listening to the Inner Voice

The #SAFirstJobs series continues today with Kelley McCarthy. Kelley just wrapped up her time as a hall director at St. Mary’s College in Indiana. You can find Kelleey on Twitter at @KMcCarthy8185.   Three years ago I started my first professional job search. I wasn’t like most of my graduate friends who applied to almost… Read More

It was the Journey

Sarah Wilson Merriman joins in the #SAFirstJobs conversation today. Sarah is the associate director for administration of college housing at the University of Chicago. You can find her on Twitter at @SarahW_M. To humble brag I consider myself a successful person. I have a healthy relationship with a good partner, a job that I love,… Read More